Editorial|Content Communications Professional

Serene Bridgett Hollingsworth
Serene Bridgett Hollingsworth


“As a strategic Editorial|Content Director, PR, and Communications professional who is responsible for brainstorming, creating, crafting, and transforming ideas effectively into words that foster brand equity, I skillfully find innovative and meaningful ways through content to partner clients with their targeted constituency on and off online.”

Is there communication without relationship? What should communication look like in this social media driven culture? Whether developing betters or new ways to communicate with employees, organizational change management, or reaching your target audience, how and why we communicate is evolving; however, one thing remains constant: Communication should always be a two-way street with key stakeholders doing a lot of listening. “Here is my ‘offer’. Very long pause. Now, I would like to listen, hear, and understand your response. It is all about brand equity today. No longer can corporations large or emerging advance with a me, me, me culture.

Social media and marketing are great buzz words. They look good on a CV, however, building sustainable relationships, strategic engagement, execution, and management are at the core of our profession. Soundbites, droning, and 150 characters may look good, but how do they translate into sales, improved moral, or press for your product, service, or business? “This is where I thriveI do my best work when I am inventing, creating, collaborating, executing, and giving others an opportunity to grow and shine.”

Serene is a 15+ year Creative Manager, Editorial Director, PR, Internal + External Communications Manager, and Engagement professional. She marries the best of new media platforms with fundamental communications practices.

Press. Buzz. Clients. Work. Play. Good Stuff.

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