Waiting Out Their Change. Sigh or THRIVE?!

People do change. I have changed. You have changed. Sometimes without even recognizing our change — “unconscious change”. Unfortunately, waiting for another’s change may be grueling for those praying, hoping, and or wishing we’d change. What to do, while waiting on another’s change?


Keep in mind, before asking or expecting another to change for YOU make certain you are in ‘demand’. If a person doesn’t desire you in their life or space the idea of changing for you isn’t normally in their top 5 things to do. As a matter of fact, it isn’t normally in their top 100. But if you are in their top 5 here are 5 things to do while waiting it out!

Five Things To Do While Waiting Out Their Change:

  1. Fix YOU! Yes, there is work you have to do as well. As we work on self, the flaws or perceived flaws in others become less magnified and maybe even invisible.
  2. No more sitting around. LIVE your LIFE! Yes, the world doesn’t stop turning because they, WE need to change. Continue to enjoy living, work, play, and laugh.
  3. STOP nagging! Telling him or her how much they should or need to change will NOT make change happen any sooner. Expect delays with this tactic.
  4. Remember how long it took YOU to change that thing in your life? Was it months or years. GOD was patient with you, and I am certain you can think of at least five other people who were patient, loving, and gentle as GOD worked on YOU. Now you try it: patience, love, and gentleness.
  5. Accept he or she may never change. Plan and live your life accordingly. There are people who may simply believe, they don’t need to change for YOU. No matter what you think about their lifestyle or choices, so get over it.

    Change can be a good thing, but each of us must recognize the need for change in our lives and then take steps to make such change. For some it may take a day, others months, and still others years – process. There may be fumbles in the midst of it all. In the end as we wait, GOD allow us to wait in LOVE.

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There are so many answers. Good answers, which would move us forward as a people, nation, and world.
If we could but come together. Respect. Listen. Hear. Respond. Solve.

Ego certainly keeps us questioning when the answers are present!