Bible Scholars and Homophobes!

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"I Do?"

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OK, President Obama’s position and his personal thoughts regarding gay marriage are just that. They are his personal beliefs.  Does this make him less Christian, less black, less good, or more bad?  Many would say, “Yes”. However, I think not.  We all have varying perspectives and views on this subject and many others.  Have you taken a position lately on divorce in our country or your state even (the devastation on families), adultery, abortion, or lying, all of which God hates?  I am certain your views vary from my own and the good Christian who sits next to you on Sunday morning.

Listen, Bible scholars (which I am not), homophobes (which I am not) and the like. When God set out to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, He came to Abraham and told him of His plans.  When God shared His plans with Abraham, what did Abraham do?  Did he consult the kings of the lands of Sodom and Gomorrah and insist on immediate change?  No!  Did he seek an appointment with congress or senate leaders?  No!  Did he bash homosexuals?  No!  Did he call for a special election?  No! Did he need to take a poll among his supporters?  No!  What did Abraham do?  He prayed and interceded on behalf of Sodom and Gomorrah that God would not destroy the land and its people. He pleaded with God.

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"We The People."

Too many of us Christians are quick to spout off God’s Word and take a position without an understanding of our faith or The Constitution of the United States of America (which is at the crux of this marriage debate) or our political process.  Does the Bible I read condone homosexuality?  No!  Do I ‘support’ a homosexual lifestyle? No!  Do I love homosexuals?  Yes!  Do I condone adultery, lying, murder, or stealing.  No!  And yet, I have been all of these.  But by God and His grace, I am called to love my neighbor as myself. ‘The greatest of these is love.’  As I reflect on The Constitution of the United States of America, do I believe we should withhold rights and freedoms, which are afforded to me and you from homosexuals?  I would have to say no, and this not based on my faith in Christ, but the law of our land.  This is a constitutional and/or civil issue.  This is not an issue, which we may resolve in our church pulpits via sermons or conventions, but only through prayer, love and Christ like action.

As Christians, we are so busy dissecting homosexuals, taking a position, looking for a sound bite, or making a point that we are missing the bigger issue here an understanding of our very own faith, which calls us to love, prayer and yes action.  Abraham began to intercede and pleaded with God.  Yes that is action, but not many Christians have been moved to such action, as it appears weak or without power (or so what have I heard).  Where is our faith, believers?  Do we not believe in the power of prayer?

To change a nation, city, community or people, there must be love, dialogue and intercession among those of faith.  If you desire to take a position, do so.  I understand, however, that you should allow your position to line up with your faith–the entirety of your faith not a piece of your faith.  Understand the issue here and the laws of this land in which we live.

If we seek to change anything, it begins with love. There are many things, which need change in the United States.  That, is for sure.  Let me make that a bit smaller for you. How about right here in Chicago, Ill where senseless gang violence kills daily and where children shot in the streets and miseducated.

Several things personally bring me great angst:  homelessness, health care or lack thereof, miseducation, poverty, domestic violence, and I could go on.  Disallowing gay marriage will not magically heal the ills of our land.  Sorry to say folks.  Healing America is not all wrapped up in a pretty should “gays should be allowed to marry” bow.  This is merely political banter and campaigning at its best, something we as Christians should be able to see straight through.

As always I welcome your feedback.

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