Bridgett opened and branded our Chicago market. She was also the top sales producer in her market for three years, and our best conference presenter to date. If you’re looking for a business and marketing savvy professional who can present to your client base, you have will have that and more in Bridgett. Veeral Rathod, CFO J. Hilburn, Dallas TX


Serene is the consummate communications strategist. Any organization would be fortunate to have her as part of their team. Raimonda Pierce, Managing Partner J Hilburn, Dallas, TX

Letter of Recommendation  J. Hilburn Client

Without your foresight, belief, strategy, and patience there would be no “Dog Whisperer” today. Thank you Serene for all of your effort and hard work on behalf of myself and team. Caesar Milian “The Dog Whisperer”, Hollywood, CA


Thank you for ALL of the press and many rewrites at my request (smile). Dr. Sharon Allison Ottey, Washington DC

Serene, great job for me and Hilton Publishing Company! More books sold with you than without you! Hilton Hudson II, MD, Munster, Indiana

Serene B is a highly skilled communications specialist with years of experience in the field of internal and external communications, publishing, PR, and marketing. What distinguishes her from others in her field of expertise is that she treats communication as a science, art, and organic economics. This is what she does almost effortlessly. Through the years I have learned that Serene is determined to uncover the secrets of how successful people and companies communicate, and has honed her craft to support these efforts with stunning expertise.  I have observed resonating vision, resilience and brilliance with a keen sense of management tenacity. I am honored to recommend Serene. Dr. Verlean Hailey Gould, owner of InspireME,LLC, CEO Bahiyah Woman magazine Fairfax, VA

Bridgett is an extremely strategic, creative thinker and entrepreneurial communications specialist.  She multi-tasks in the areas of Communications Management and Business Development with precision.  Bridgett is a committed and reliable self-starter, who is deadline and budget driven and works with integrity.  She thrives in niche and entrepreneurial environments and loves what we call “organized corporate chaos”.  We’ve been thrilled with her performance.   –  James Lisbon CEO, Hall-and-Partners/ Publisher Awareness Magazine/BE Magazine NYC

She is unassuming. To look at her (my own judgment error) I didn’t think powerhouse, however, her very presence in the conference room commands attention. She knows her stuff! She breathes her clients. She’s a creative genius! Inventive. Assertive. Intuitive. Fun to work with. We ‘tested’ her prior to hire, and that is exactly what the results said. Best calculated risk I have taken.  Her pitching skills unlike any other publicist I have worked with, and she is a master of press releases and crisis management. She’s a perfectionist who demands the best of herself and her team.  But what I love most about her is her loyalty to both client and agency.  She is a true PR and communications professional.  – Makeda Smith, Agency Head, Jazzmyne PR, Hollywood, CA.

I’ve worked with Serene for the past seven years.  She is driven almost to a fault.  She pushes others as hard as she pushes herself.  There is no such thing as failure in her book even in the darkest of creative nights.  She is a true publisher, publicist, and communications professional who has reinvented herself time and time again. In this evolving economy, you have to love that in her!  —  Rachelle Gould Harris, Owner, Designs By Rachelle and Good Hair Greetings, Orlando, FL

Uninhibited, savvy, outspoken, tenacious, visionary, loyal, understanding with a dash of  reserve.  I have written for Bahiyah magazine for the past three years. I have watched it blossom, and have worked with Ms. Hollingsworth on all professional industry fronts.  I trust people will be talking about her in coming years.  She’s got what it takes. — Ronald E. Childs, Vice President Media Relations, Flowers Communication Group, Chicago, IL

 This little lady is the apple of my eye.  She’s always marched to the beat of a different drummer.  She scared me there for a while, and I am certain the gray streak, which runs down the center of my head is her ‘worry streak’.  If you’re expecting the ordinary, you won’t get it from her.  I am extremely proud of this young lady.  She dared to be different and created her own world. Often times against my better judgment.  She has far exceeded my greatest expectations as a father.  She’s a trooper.  She never gives upVirgil V. Hollingsworth Sr., Columbus, OH

Letter of Recommendation, Rev. Dr. Sharon Ellis Davis